If a dangerous man tells me he is going to kill me, the next time he sets eyes on me, on that occasion I will empty my pistol into his chest before he has a chance to tell me that he has decided not to kill me.

 AAANNNDD Guess what? A jury of my peers will NOT convict me of murder.

 Hamas is the bad guy. They sacrifice the lives of families and children without another thought. They break their agreements without a qualm. Their word is valueless. They make agreements with a view to render their victims helpless by their belief in the agreement just concluded.

 How many times has Hamas broken their word? How many times have we believed them? How many times has Hamas planted their rockets and artillery in the schoolrooms of children in the sure belief that neither Jews nor Christians will risk endangering the lives of children? THEY LAUGH AT WHAT THEY CONSIDER OUR WEAKNESSES.

 The battle is uneven and if Hamas is stubborn enough they will eventually profit by our noble timidity. And we cannot allow that because it will eventually result in far more death of children and bloodshed of innocents than if we simply attacked them all and sterilized the ground upon which they were born.




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We caught them red-handed. Hand in the cookie jar so-to-speak. They lied. Everyone in the whole country knows it. Actually we could have proven it. It would have been beautiful.

Lois Lerner slipping below the waves, her earnest face maintaining that innocence until the air left in her lungs bubbled up and hid her cute little nose.

But we didn’t want that. Who would want that? They all do it we say, while turning to check around the room for dissenters. Every goldurn one of them do it and you know its true.

It’s a game and we’ll laugh about it far past bedtime. They lie to save the next election or at least the next round of appointments   It was just that we had the other team laid out there like meat on the table and then we turned away. Why be poor sports? We got to win a few don’t we? With them and we all doing it, it would hardly be sporting.

If The Donald or somebody else with money to spare stepped forward and demanded to be allowed to open an investigation …. Well then. … Sure… we could push the blame over that way if it got too nasty. But lets just revel in it. I mean what did she … or they …. hard to tell how many were actually in it… actually do, that hasn’t been going on forever.

Oh yeah, speaken’ of rotten when do you think that the Veterans Administration is really going to get in there and clean that rat hole out? I mean just ignoring those boys who gave their health and body and in many cases their lives. If this were the real world instead of a television make believe world we’d be hearing the rattling of the firing squads clean to Texas. But no. Not now.

I remember as a boy counting the yellow stars on peoples window. There’s a two star mother. Over there there’s a three star mother. I suppose we just don’t care so much inside anymore Too bad.

Lee Smith   AKA  Cornhusk sending ya’ll love and God’s blessing.

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Bob’s A Hobo ahh check That, Bob’s a Camper

Bob’s a Camper;

Our town has a deal with a transportation provider who drives a bus around our town all day long and the cost to you or Bob is $1 for the entire day. Nice, huh? Like Campers everywhere Bob’s also somewhat of a philosopher.

ME     “Bob are you happy with the way you live?”

BOB   “Yes.” Almost every hobo … camper that I’ve talked with says that he/she is  happy with his/ her life.”

ME     “What’s going to happen to you when you get to old to live on the road like this?”BobtheCamper

BOB   “Oh ” Bob waves a hand around in an arc indicating as much as half the entire earth. “there’s facilities and everything that have to take you in if you really need it. But I’ll worry about that when the time comes.”

Bob just lives his relatively stress free life with a comfortable and satisfied smile on his face. See ya Bob

Bob doesn’t want a job. The Bobs are here to stay. So what now, Stoffle?

Lee Smith   Cornhusk




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He’s standing in front of you with that cute disarming smile on his face. He’s lying and he knows that you know he’s lying and he’s loving it.

“Gee, Mr. Smith, I would have handed my report, on all existing instancesof our team screwing, cheating and lying, to you but we left all of the evidence of our deceit and malfeasance in the possession of the village idiot forsafe keeping and the evidence that YOU needed must have set the idiots computer on fire and that was the only evidence that got lost. Forever that is. Oooor maybe the dog ate it. Either one.”

This is what it has come down to folks. They the liberal establishment along with some brain damaged conservatives no long care what you and I think. Here’s what they think: don’t worry about the consequences. Just tell the lies and leave the blurring attacking and erasing to the experts.

 And maybe they’re right. Is the day of truth and honor really over?

Cornhusk   aka Lee Smith



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Here are the happiest countries in the world.
World Happiness Report 2013. Nations 1st through 10th

1 Denmark
2 Norway
3 Switzerland
4 Netherlands
5 Sweden
6 Canada what!
7 Finland
8 Austria
9 Iceland
10 Australia what!

Where is the United States? The U.S. took 17th place right behind Mexico. So what does this mean. Mexicans are coming here to find work even though they love their home country more.

The nation Of the people, by the people and for the people has some serious work to do. Don’t you think?

Cornhusk for a free America

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Somebody Please Go Break Their Fingers Or Something. This is Too Much

April 18, 2014
This week Oklahoma passed a bill that would levy a tax on everyone daring to produce their own power on their own property with their own equipment! Can you imagine that? It’s the new governmental philosophy.  Get it every way that you can because who knows when the taxpaying fools are going to wake up and start chopping.

The philosophy will be that the state government will lose money if enough people began producing their own power.  Turn it around and the people will be able to pay for less electricity and there will be less state income taxes paid by power companies for those dark masked strangers known as public representatives to find “good” uses for in those after hours meetings.

I am not saying that there are no honest and honorable elected officials. I am saying that there are not enough of them to keep America proud for very much longer. There are way too many fingers in the pie. We are comfortable with the idea of you actually working for  a living, Mr/Mrs  lawmaker —— Lee Smith AKA Cornhusk

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Reflections On A Summer’s Breath — Lee Smith


Searing flight, fey joy beneath the heaven bright

I cup my wings and rise aloft, while veering far beneath my keel

my Raja love slips by

He rises now with splayed and driving wings

and sweeps his noble head to catch my villainy.

A game she plays, so we shall see and we shall see.

I roll my belly to the sun, and over, laughing in his golden gaze

Weak you are, Rajah, a fledgling I have taken in.

Turning air to wind he rises by, higher, even higher.

Now beating strong and wild within my evil heart.

Flee, flee, and where now can he be?

And there he is again close by and touching wing on wing

He presses me! he presses me!

Over again, now upside down, a reach, and fanning sultry air a take.

Now eye to eye and claw to claw, we drift above the fields of green

Reflections on a summer’s breath.

Holding, softly drifting. My Rajah love and I


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