Love Dont Underestimate it


Cornhusk aka Lee Smith

Used to be me, my friends and I had a cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania where we hunted the white tailed deer and we were pretty successful at it. I don’t hunt anymore because one day a doe walked up to my stand and wanted to know what I was eating. I munched on a big fat Delicious apple. No, I didn’t shoot her, because it was bucks only season. I bit out a piece of the apple and held it out to her in my flattened palm whereupon she took it gently with her lips like a horse and munched it down. Then she hung around waiting for me to give her more of my lunch. No way!

I’ve hunted and killed many deer in my lifetime, and have witnessed some curious behavior. I have had a group of doe go by my deer stand and stop in full view of me, entirely cognizant that I was there and turn to look behind them and baaaahd like a sheep until an obviously blind deer came into view whereupon the whole group then turned to walk out of the scene with her close behind them. They made a decision that their friend was worth the danger of being shot to death by one of those dangerous hunter things. They are not stupid, but love sometimes interferes.

Very soon I quit hunting. Not because it wasn’t necessary under certain circumstances but because I didn’t care to eat venison so very much anymore.

But it isn’t only the large warm-blooded creatures. I have come to believe that insects can actually think in a group-kind of way.

We discovered that a room of our rustic old hunting cabin was infested with large termites. The termites had to go, no question. We bought a couple pint cans of wasp killer spray and drowned their entrance/exit holes to the nest. Almost immediately large termites came staggering out of the wall even while we sprayed them. Some would begin to waggle uncontrollably and finally fall over. Some continued out across the wooden floor for the wide open door and some made it out. Finally we leaped out through the door also for some fresh air. When finally we came in Sonny one of the hunters hollered ‘look!’

Termites were streaming back into the death hole and they were passing out other termites streaming out of the nest carrying eggs over their heads.

Yes at some level there was some thinking going on there and you can say ‘instinct’ if you want, but what the hell is instinct?



About Cornhusk

Ex-High-School and Community College teacher. Also have a degree in Science and Applied Science. Have worked in ship construction and now supplement my retirement by writing and revising vocational textbooks.
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