Somebody Please Go Break Their Fingers Or Something. This is Too Much

April 18, 2014
This week Oklahoma passed a bill that would levy a tax on everyone daring to produce their own power on their own property with their own equipment! Can you imagine that? It’s the new governmental philosophy.  Get it every way that you can because who knows when the taxpaying fools are going to wake up and start chopping.

The philosophy will be that the state government will lose money if enough people began producing their own power.  Turn it around and the people will be able to pay for less electricity and there will be less state income taxes paid by power companies for those dark masked strangers known as public representatives to find “good” uses for in those after hours meetings.

I am not saying that there are no honest and honorable elected officials. I am saying that there are not enough of them to keep America proud for very much longer. There are way too many fingers in the pie. We are comfortable with the idea of you actually working for  a living, Mr/Mrs  lawmaker —— Lee Smith AKA Cornhusk


About Cornhusk

Ex-High-School and Community College teacher. Also have a degree in Science and Applied Science. Have worked in ship construction and now supplement my retirement by writing and revising vocational textbooks.
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