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No America Will Never Be The Same. Let’s Work Together To Save What We Can

We have entered a period where the Sharpsters are the shakers and movers. Presidential directives will control everything. Once these things, weaknesses in the original constitution, are discovered and abused and no one has the guts to pick up his … Continue reading

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One Lost Airplane Bamboozles the Whole World

The nations are completely befuddled with all their technology and methodology. We flat don’t know folks.  We done been bamboozled. Suppose there was a solar charged, dollar ninety five, radio somewhere on the outer skin of every passenger plane that … Continue reading

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It’s Going to be Global Warming everyone. Global Warming

Harry Reid hasn’t given a hoot about  global climate warming and those bad bad people who don’t give a hoot about it since 2010 when he snuffed out his parties efforts to pass a climate change bill. But something has … Continue reading

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