Actually Einstein Had A Lot To Say About God Between the Lines

The little man was a bold philosopher as well as a bold observer of nature. Some say that he never believed in God but he did. He revealed himself in hundreds of small observations. Read these few interesting and very revealing quotes by the most revered scientific philosopher of all time.

“God does NOT play at dice.”

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

“Concepts that have proven useful in ordering things easily achieve such authority over us that we forget their earthly origins and accept them as unalterable givens.”

“Subtle is the Lord but malicious he is not.”

Max Born, about Einstein: “Einstein was apparently of a different opinion: he believed that when threatened by Hitler the Russians had no choice but to destroy as many of their enemies within their own camps as possible. I find it hard to reconcile this point of view with Einstein’s gentle , humanitarian disposition. ”

Einstein about a departed friend: “Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a persistent illusion.”

As always, may God bless, Lee Smith aka Cornhusk


About Cornhusk

Ex-High-School and Community College teacher. Also have a degree in Science and Applied Science. Have worked in ship construction and now supplement my retirement by writing and revising vocational textbooks.
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