Would You Let the Homeless Starve?

The picture is of Fey. Remember Fey I told you about her earlier. She says she has been traveling about on her motorcycle for two years now. As I look at it I realize it isn’t a Harley but a smaller probably foreign made bike. Look how neatly and carefully she has her gear packed. Fey is one of them what you call homeless. There are hundreds of thousands of Feys in the US, maybe millions, they have no incomes to speak of and so it behooves the administration to ignore them completely, because they have no political voice to speak with. Except they can’t ignore them when they show up at clinics and hospitals for medications and surgical help. Somebody has to pay for that and that someone is you and me.

Most times they sleep in small brushy cul de sacs along the roads. They call their life camping. Sometimes they sleep in the back of a truck waiting for its next load and sometimes they sleep in car junkyards. In the warmer dryer seasons they seem to sleep on the ground. Fey has a nice little popup tent on that bike and a thick warm ( when its not wet ) sleeping bag.

Most of the time the homeless who are truly homeless beg money on street corners and outside of grocery stores. And if they learn how to talk nice then they receive enough to keep flesh on their bones. Some, many resort to prostitution, and who can blame them? I asked Fey, “Whats going to happen to you when you grow old?” She said “I have a long wait coming to me before I have to think about that, mister.” The homeless are growing and their numbers are uncounted, but they grow every year. It would be easy to say for them “Get a job or starve.” But most are unemployable for many reasons. What shall we do about the homeless?

Jesus said, that when we pick or mow our crops we should leave some around the perimeters and corners of our fields for these travelers. In other words good people would not let them starve and freeze.

Lee Smith — AKA Cornhusk on twitter


About Cornhusk

Ex-High-School and Community College teacher. Also have a degree in Science and Applied Science. Have worked in ship construction and now supplement my retirement by writing and revising vocational textbooks.
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