Let’s Find A Way to Get Along

It looks like Congress is going to leave us hanging when we have a major problem; and baby we have a major problem.

The guys keeping this burger joint going have discovered a gaping opening in our defenses. If they just roppa dope for a while

when we’re airing our grievances, the fat asses supposedly on our side will, sure, throw out a little “right on” once in a while To show

they’re behind us and we’ll sooner than later give up and go back to comparing lottery numbers.

And worst of all we’ll quit bringing it up! And when we give up, this is their license to think that if we quit fighting everything’s just fine.

Now we have a case and they actually think they’re going to roll us on this just like they have all the others.

We have discovered and have clear evidence that President Obama and his DOJ top kick are pissing on our shoes and telling us its raining,

Concerning, their new found bludgeon to discourage dissenters.

I Don’t know. I can’t recall that. We think that shouid be studied.I wasn’t there. Etc. etc. etc. and don’t forget endless tax return difficulties.

We cannot allow our federal government to slide down into that dumpster, because they will never ever stop. From now on it will be nothing

but a pack of lies from them and in the not too distant future they’ll be actually smiling while they deliver their hocus pocus.

We now have an opening. We’ve got some paper and pics. Drive them out of office or at least make them cry, right there on television.



About Cornhusk

Ex-High-School and Community College teacher. Also have a degree in Science and Applied Science. Have worked in ship construction and now supplement my retirement by writing and revising vocational textbooks.
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