Freedoms Lost are Rarely Regained

Will the Odious Patriot Act Ever Expire?

Another example of creeping citizen marginalization is the Patriot Act (signed into law by George Bush U.S. President, Oct 26, 2001 and was supposed to expire Dec 1 2005) This law replaced a number of special liberties belonging to U.S. citizens. But perhaps that was okay because after the emergency all of the citizen rights would be restored because the Patriot Act would expire. Yes, by Dec. 1 2005, surely all would be back to normal.

Lesson for freedom lovers: things NEVER get back to normal, stop being a dummy. At least four different expiration dates have come and gone and yet there are those (never named) who just can’t give any of the provisions up.

The purpose of the USA PATRIOT ACT (they said) is:

To deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world. To enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and other purposes, ( other purposes?? What??) some of which include:

To strengthen U.S. measures to prevent, detect and prosecute international money laundering and financing of terrorism.

To subject to special scrutiny foreign jurisdictions, foreign financial institutions, and classes of international transactions or types of accounts that are susceptible to criminal abuse;

To require all appropriate elements of the financial services industry to report potential money laundering;

To strengthen measures to prevent use of the U.S. financial system for personal gain by corrupt foreign officials and facilitate repatriation of stolen assets to the citizens of countries to whom such assets belong.

In order to accomplish these, the various and sundry investigation agencies are permitted to pass all collected information around between themselves and others and also retain the information in their files. Roving Wiretaps allow government agencies to put secret collection devices on all methods of electronic communications.

They may access your other records and must be given all of your records, “In connection with a terror investigation” by any organizations responsible for their maintenance.

Sneak and Peek warrants: These allow authorities to search any home or business without even notifying the owner of the property.

And so the answer to the title question is no. Those lost liberties will remain lost until the next iteration of government in this continental space – maybe

n God bless. — Cornhusk


About Cornhusk

Ex-High-School and Community College teacher. Also have a degree in Science and Applied Science. Have worked in ship construction and now supplement my retirement by writing and revising vocational textbooks.
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