What Should We do with the Leaking Culprits?

Does 3 months go by without our hearing about stolen/hacked/leaked emails? Now we are ready to execute a young fool who couldn’t keep himself from betraying thousands of young Americans like himself. What makes them do this? In our latest email fiasco the picture of the leaker shows a rosy cheeked momma’s boy with a cherubic smile that every mother would just love to pinch and kiss. And yet it is a certainty that some of the villagers mentioned in the communications will be dragged from their homes and murdered in the sight of their horrified families.

And yet lawyers for this cute little punklet will claim whistle blower’s rights and first amendment rights and mitigating circumstances and he will go yet still grinning into some prison system only to emerge again in a few short years still smirking and demanding pay compensation for the time he spent incarcerated for what can only be treason. Yes treason and at the least second degree murder.

But there is a far more important issue. Emailing. How many times do we need to be caught with our jockey shorts down by some hacker. before it finally settles into our brains that emails can be and probably will be hacked. Nothing is ever lost that is transmitted to a computer. Even when we delete it, it’s still there somewhere. Can this terrible publicness of emails be conquered? Yes, I think it can. But at all levels we fail to provide safe handling procedures and then check them again and again. Email can be encrypted but usually it is not. Why not? Because the processes and procedures that must be followed are inconvenient. There needs to be intimate supervision at the transmitting and receiving ends and there needs to be random yet thorough checks by unfriendly yet thorough people who have the authority to levee really really uncomfortable punishments for transgressions.

This getting caught by our own poor oversights time and time again with emailing needs to be looked at and looked at very hard indeed.

As for the culprits we should kill ’em



About Cornhusk

Ex-High-School and Community College teacher. Also have a degree in Science and Applied Science. Have worked in ship construction and now supplement my retirement by writing and revising vocational textbooks.
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