Love Dont Underestimate it


Cornhusk aka Lee Smith

Used to be me, my friends and I had a cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania where we hunted the white tailed deer and we were pretty successful at it. I don’t hunt anymore because one day a doe walked up to my stand and wanted to know what I was eating. I munched on a big fat Delicious apple. No, I didn’t shoot her, because it was bucks only season. I bit out a piece of the apple and held it out to her in my flattened palm whereupon she took it gently with her lips like a horse and munched it down. Then she hung around waiting for me to give her more of my lunch. No way!

I’ve hunted and killed many deer in my lifetime, and have witnessed some curious behavior. I have had a group of doe go by my deer stand and stop in full view of me, entirely cognizant that I was there and turn to look behind them and baaaahd like a sheep until an obviously blind deer came into view whereupon the whole group then turned to walk out of the scene with her close behind them. They made a decision that their friend was worth the danger of being shot to death by one of those dangerous hunter things. They are not stupid, but love sometimes interferes.

Very soon I quit hunting. Not because it wasn’t necessary under certain circumstances but because I didn’t care to eat venison so very much anymore.

But it isn’t only the large warm-blooded creatures. I have come to believe that insects can actually think in a group-kind of way.

We discovered that a room of our rustic old hunting cabin was infested with large termites. The termites had to go, no question. We bought a couple pint cans of wasp killer spray and drowned their entrance/exit holes to the nest. Almost immediately large termites came staggering out of the wall even while we sprayed them. Some would begin to waggle uncontrollably and finally fall over. Some continued out across the wooden floor for the wide open door and some made it out. Finally we leaped out through the door also for some fresh air. When finally we came in Sonny one of the hunters hollered ‘look!’

Termites were streaming back into the death hole and they were passing out other termites streaming out of the nest carrying eggs over their heads.

Yes at some level there was some thinking going on there and you can say ‘instinct’ if you want, but what the hell is instinct?


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Seems like the freedom factor keeps getting less and less; or am I missing something? Why do I have to educate my children according to the views, tastes and whims of some socialist hippy?  Why do I have to get a license to get married? Whose business is it anyway? Suppose I don’t want my children to get am “education”? Suppose I was a woman and I wanted to charge for the use of my sexual favors right out in the open? Suppose I wanted to smoke pot and shoot up right out in the open? What business is this of anhone else? 

Lets reevaluate those human activities that harm only ourselves.

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We Will Now Be Shaped by Our Own Inventions.

I thought that we would never come to an end; a bad end or a good end. But now I am not so sure. Advancement in the field of human endeavor slowly turns and then, step by step it advances in our direction with fearful purpose.
Keep backing my good man. Keep backing up. What is that thing in the hands of destiny this time? Why it looks like a weapon of some sort. Indeed it looks like one of those so-called machine pistols they carry in the movies. Where did that wild looking person get it do you think?
He what? He printed it you say? You mean he printed an automatic pistol in that Lazer Jet over there? Now wait this must be some kind of joke or something. How could could that printer make a deadly weapon from instructions on a cell phone?
You say the printer’s output is in gunsteel ! Thats impossible, ungodly. How can this be there will be all manner of deadly weapons all over the place if this is true.
We must obtain one of those, Grizwald, immediatly or even sooner.

— Cornhusk

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Save Civilization Or Die


Human ethics should be taught until a child is 20 years old, first by parents and guardians, then by school instructors, and after that, by the community or nation at frequent intervals convenient or inconvenient.

What is ethics? : Ethics is that branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.

Religion: Traditionally, religions hold to and espouse a system of admirable ethical behavior prefaced with a list of ‘not’s’ and ‘do’s’.

Never do the following:





Wound, maim or kill



Always do the following:






Rehearse the ethical rules daily.

If the community’s survival is at risk NONE of the above rules are        applicable.   

If an aggressor has sufficient power and desire to destroy immediately or over time, the life of that individual, group or nation then that individual, group, or nation has the right or perhaps even the obligation to survive, if he she or it can, by whatever means. The survival of God’s holy creation is overriding.

Everywhere we look we see what used to be insanity. Doctors being attacked and killed by the patients they serve.  Children being taught by the television set to stab their friends and even members of their families because of Slender Man.  Murderers and Madmen killing in the most cruel and vicious ways because they are told their religion requires it.  This must cease or God’s great experiment with intelligent beings is in dire danger of failing. Friends if this does not cease but instead intensifies truly what we have built will turn to ruins and our bones become objects of study for some future species.

— Cornhusk   aka Lee Smith


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Normally, I think that we all agree that killing another human being should only be an option when that other human being is going to kill you if you don’t.

Granted that some would say that you have the option of allowing your enemy to kill you and furthermore that is what you should do. I’m not buying that.

ISIS or ISIL tells us that it is going to kill us and that they will ‘see” us in New York etc. And that they will never cease their deadly rampage until all Christians are dead and gone. And they have proceeded precisely on the path they have described.

Isn’t this warning enough? Given the opening, these people will kill innocent persons in the most violent and degrading ways. The warning has been thrown down at our feet. I say that it clearly behooves us to destroy this menace on sight. To hesitate could bring the most disastrous consequences.

President Obama, as I see it, would be completely justified in seeking out the locations of these assassins, planning his attack in complete secrecy and then striking like a bolt of lightening, destroying every evidence of where their encampment was. And then on to the next.

Hopefully, after a few of these , ISIS will be ready to talk and behave like human beings.

__ Cornhusk

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Where Has Justice Flown?

Where Has Justice Flown?

My impressions from reading papers, magazines, and watching television.

I remember about THEY and THEM from World War II. During that time I had a lot of faith in They and Them; so did my family and everyone I knew. Of course I was young, but I felt strongly about them. They would see us through. If They did something we didn’t understand we knew that there was a good reason, and we knew that it would become clear later on. They and Them were politicians in Washington D.C. and when they pulled us through the big one with our flags flying and our will strong, we were sure.

Now it’s different. They are not wonderful anymore. By the time I graduated high-school I began to realize. I learned and changed my opinion slowly. Each small jolt, a result of news. Some jolts changing my view of politicians by minutes of degrees and others by degrees. I think that we all become wise in much the same way. Drip by drip. For instance I remember a hurricane called Agnes. The great state of Pennsylvania instituted a sales tax to pay for the damage Agnes did, and then the sales tax would be repealed, they promised.

Lesson 23: When lawmakers make taxes, any kind of taxes, regardless of what they promise, they will never be repealed.

Lesson 31: A tax may on very rare circumstances, like for instance thousand of citizens attacking with rakes, hoes, and shovels, be reduced. It may be reduced to one tenth of one percent but it may never, never be completely abolished.

Lesson 15: No matter how it is worded, a fund set aside for special purposes like social security or a highway fund with money that doesn’t belong to them, if it grows to a sizable sum, will be commandeered with full assurance that it will be replaced from the general fund if ever needed.

The Modern Politician, sees himself as an entertainer and the sole reason for his existence as the quest to stay elected. – I got a jolt when Clinton announced that he had broke a story and not the news journalists. It was one of those awakenings. I should call them world view directional changes. Now, as I remember,

It happens ever so slowly. There’s a theory about it or part of it. I forget who wrote about it. I know Joseph Campbell wrote the corollary, about the evolution of the corporation, a very interesting development of legally created personalities with little responsibility and only one desire, the accumulation of power and wealth. Why are they needed? To protect the already powerful?

But back to what happens so slowly.

Almost any American today knows that congress is not responsible to him but to special interests. Interests with money. He doesn’t bother to vote anymore. If his vote could really make a difference, it would be against the law.

The object of the congress game is to get re-elected first and foremost. The lawmaker has one responsibility and that is to prolong his own stay in a small area surrounded by the State of Maryland called Washington D.C. The entire game can be learned in Product Marketing 101. Say whatever you must, do whatever you must, to make the cow think that you are her friend or at the very least more interested in her than those lousy other legislators.

In all the machinations of congress no good ever comes to the electorate, not even from the democrats. If the federal government or any government is doing you good shouldn’t there be some time in your life when you said, “Yipee!” perhaps you waved a newspaper or perhaps it was a letter, and you were very happy because the government had just done something to make your life better. When and how many times has this happened in your life? Shouldn’t there be a few? The end of wars? Wow, if you picked those times, that only serves to highlight just how pitifully we’re being treated. And how many wars did you vote to start in the first place? When has something new and good ever come from the government to make life easier, less expensive, adding more value to the cow’s life? Tax reduction? Did you know that when the income tax was proposed, someone wanted to put a limit of 2% on it, but another legislator pooh poohed the notion on the grounds that Americans would never put up with a higher income tax anyway, and there was no need for the amendment. Let me put it this way: how many times has the government come up with a solution to an important problem that they didn’t create in the first place?

When was the last time you read the morning paper or turned from the TV news and shouted for joy because the government has made your life easier, simpler, less expensive, less paperwork, more safe, when have you leaped for joy because now you can afford medicine, now you don’t have to worry about whether your wife will be secure when she is old.

Almost any American today will tell you that this is definitely not a government of the people, by the people, or for the people. We are in an advanced stage of the managers. Our government is completely in the hands of the powerful and the wicked. The divisions are: the farm the farmer and the cow. The farm being the establishment, the farmer is the professional manager and the cows being us, we the people.

Good evening and God Bless You


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The Blight of Being Superb;

 This country, this world, this race of thinking creatures is going to be the death of us yet.

 We keep inventing ways to do things faster and easier, and then we clap our hands and cheer about it. Isn’t progress wonderful? Once it took 20 men to offload that freighter out there. Now with front-end loaders it takes 4 workers and half the time. Isn’t that good!

Well yes and no.

 In the whole panoply of things it goes unnoticed, at first, that there are 16 less workers out on the docks today because we have become more efficient. And we can’t stop being more efficient because that is the way to make more money. And as we have often heard, money makes the world go round. The person running the business sees that he’s getting the same amount of work done and perhaps even more and certainly faster.

 Those extra men obviated by the front-end loaders are down at the corner bar wasting their pay drinking beer. Work must be found for them or they must be laid off. And if there is another dock starting up just 80 yards away everything is going to work out fine. Except if there is not another dock starting up, because then the workers will have to be fired. Families will have to adjust downward and scramble for jobs that might be available.

 That’s just economic good sense. We can hardly expect the fat and rich owner to keep paying everybody. He’s made a coup with those front-end loaders. If he didn’t gain in income and stature from it he would be a fool. It’s not his job to nurture and care for society.

 This is a rough and overly simple example of what’s going on everywhere, and in ten thousand different but parallel circumstances.

 We, society, cannot allow this to smother and kill civilization, for in the end this is exactly what progress does. We need an antidote.

 Think of anything, a robot cook, and we will invent and manufacture it. Why ever eat out?

–Cornhusk       ( Lee Smith )

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